Gravity PDF Developers Edition

Gravity PDF is an open source WordPress plugin built on top of the popular forms plugin, Gravity Forms, which enabled you to automatically generate PDF documents when a new form entry is created. Once the PDF is generated you can have it instantly emailed to you or allow the user to download the PDF directly from your website.

Snapshot of the Gravity PDF plugin

How Does It Work?

Gravity PDF uses the powerful mPDF package to turn standard HTML and CSS into complete PDF documents. This means you can use the tools you know and love to quickly craft advanced PDFs.

Out of the box mPDF offers the following features:

  • Custom Page Sizes – including A1-12, Letter and Legal paper types.
  • Language Support – almost all languages are supported including RTL (right to left) languages like Arabic and Hebrew and CJK languages – Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
  • Table and Nested Table Support
  • Custom Font Files
  • Text weight, style, justification and hyphenation control
  • Create an advance table of contents on the fly
  • Create a dynamic index page
  • PDF Bookmarks
  • Add text and image watermarks
  • Password Protection and PDF feature limitation to control what the user can do with the documents.
  • Add Annotations to your PDF
  • Full Barcode support
  • Custom Headers and Footers
  • Full page margin control
  • Full image support
  • Inline and external style sheet support
  • Partial support for floats and fixed position elements.

Do You Have Any Demos?

We certainly do! We’ve put together a showcase of common documents that can be easily generated with our software. But for a quick overview on all the possibilities using mPDF we recommend a look at the example PDFs on their official website.

Where Do I Start?

Gravity PDF is very robust but we’ve made it as easy as possible to get up and running quickly. We strongly recommend you start by reviewing our online documentation and follow our installation and configuration guides.

What About Support?

You’re never on your own when using Gravity PDF. If you require support please start a new topic in our support forum and our friendly support team will assist you.